Grand Forks Composite Squadron
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New Squadron Home

New home for the Grand Forks Composite Squadron located on the Grand Forks AFB.

Squadron Aircraft

Grand Forks Squadron's aircraft N568CP, a 2020 Cessna 182. Taking off at the Fargo pancake fly-in hosted by the local EAA. With then flight crew TFO Jerome Snyder and TFO Christain Smith.

Cadet O-rides

Cadet briefing about the weather and learning about the the go/no go decision, before a orientation flight at KGFK.

All cadets in the Civil Air Patrol are entitled to ten free flights; five powered and five unpowered (glider). Grand Forks composite squadron is very lucky to have its own plane making cadet O-rides plentiful.

SAR Training

SAR (Search and Rescue) training is a important part of CAP as it is one of our three main programs Emergency Services. In NDWNG on average three state exercises are conducted each year not including localy ran SARX's by squadrons themsevles.

Photo: Capt. O'Connel training cadets on how to use a direction finder on an exercise sortie.

2023 NDESA

2023, squadron members attended and taught classes at the North Dakota Emergency Services Academy (NDESA). Here CAP members can get certified and complete training from GTM (ground team member) 3 all the way up to mission pilot! Making it a highlight event for the squadron to attend. 

2023 Change of Command

In October of 2023 the squadron witnessed a remarkable Change of Command Ceremony where leadership transitioned seamlessly, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.  In a heartfelt ceremony, Capt. Harrison O'Connell passed the torch to Capt. Yusuke Saiki, symbolizing the continuity of dedication, excellence, and vision.

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